Thursday, 19 December 2013

Patriotic Alliance’s certification at IEC now made official

The Patriotic Alliance (PA) herewith announces that its registration was certificated by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa on December 13 this month. Now that the official registration certificate has been issued, the party will be free to contest all future elections. This comes after the mandatory 30 days for citizens to register objections following initial registration elapsed. No significant objections were recorded. 

We praise the sterling work of the IEC, which has once again shown itself to be a strong and independent electoral body, placing the democratic freedoms guaranteed in our constitution at the heart of its work.

It is unfortunate that, during the period in which objections could be made, an opportunistic individual such as Mzwandile Masina of the ANC Youth League felt the need to threaten that he would write to the IEC to object to a party “formed by ex-convicts”. This merely illustrated Mr Masina’s ignorance of the very constitution his party once worked so hard to create. It also illustrates his ignorance of the broad range of people from across all sectors of society who have been brought together under the common banner of the PA.

We as the PA do not know if Mr Masina made such an objection, but of course the IEC would not have paid any attention to it. It would have been entirely without merit or basis.

The PA wishes all South Africans a blessed festive season. The gift it wishes to bring to the country is the firm promise of happier Christmases and better New Years to come.

For more information on the party and all its policies, visit the official website,

A brief background:
The Patriotic Alliance (PA) is a nonracial, non-sexist and democratic political party organising support across South Africa. It is a champion of the people.The PA is an economically centrist party that understands that economic growth is dependent on free-market conditions, but that rampant capitalism encourages only greed and the exploitation of the poor. Therefore, the PA will always identify with the masses so that economic emancipation for the disadvantaged is realised.

The PA is also a party with a conscience and is a champion of the weakest and most vulnerable members of society. It will therefore promote state welfare opportunities, including ways that do this in revolutionary and innovative ways, to ensure that hunger, exploitation and general socioeconomic suffering is defeated. 

The PA supports the economic empowerment of the poor and will develop and promote policies and actions that lead to truly broad-based economic empowerment, with the understanding that those members of society who are part of the formerly disadvantaged categories of persons designated by apartheid policy stand to gain the most from such empowerment. 

The PA’s focus is broad and it aims to support and uplift the poor, who would otherwise drift into hopelessness if not for the hope offered by the PA and its plans, which require strong democratic mass support to succeed. Every single citizen stands to be empowered by the brave and revolutionary empowerment policies that the PA has developed.

Too many structural inequalities still dominate the South African socioeconomic landscape and the PA’s policies aim at reforming this unacceptable state.


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