Thursday, 5 December 2013

Statement on the revoking of Parole for Rashied Staggie

The Patriotic Alliance is aware of the recent statements and actions of the department of correctional services regarding Rashied Staggie’s parole.

It is alleged that Mr Staggie violated parole conditions. It is unclear what these violations may be. Whatever the allegations against him are, he was never given a warning before having his parole revoked, which is highly irregular.
The basis of the above appears to be the ludicrous but oft-repeated assertion that the Patriotic Alliance is a “party of gangsters” and that by being a known member of this party, Mr Staggie must be assumed to be socialising with gangsters.
The PA views this as a desperate attempt to undermine both the PA and Mr Staggie and intimidate him and other people against joining the party.
This party is of course not a gangster party by any measure, a position the party has consistently maintained. The department’s actions, if taken in relation to our party, are in fact then little more than defamation of our party, which is a registered legal person at the department of trade and industry and the IEC. The character and status of our party is clearly defined in legal documents, which make no mention of gangster membership, because such exclusive focus would be contrary to the broad vision of what the PA stands for. We do however welcome members from all avenues of South African society, but could never be defined by means of such narrow and prejudiced terms.
If the department is being used to settle political scores, that would be abuse of power.
Mr Staggie is being used to undermine the PA’s challenge to power and the urgent social reforms that are needed in South Africa. The PA cannot allow Mr Staggie, who is no more than an ordinary member, to be used as a political pawn in a game of power that goes far beyond him. The PA will defend his rights, as it intends to defend the rights of all its members and ultimately all South Africa’s people.
It is Mr Staggie’s right to join any political party, a right enshrined in the South African Constitution. The PA will thus be challenging this clear violation of his rights in court, a case that the PA trusts will once again show that no government or political force and its actions can be above the law.
The PA made the membership of Mr Staggie known in order to show that the party is serious about its vision of combating crime and gangsterism. The PA has facilitated an anti-gang-war peace process in the Western Cape and it stands by this work. Mr Staggie’s membership of the PA is in fact proof of his determination to steer clear of gang life and crime. He has been focusing on his work and family life and is done with a life of crime. The department’s harassment is a slap in the face to this man, who should be used as an example to other gangsters of how to embrace a life of peace. Instead, the department is destroying this golden opportunity to steer our people away from gangsterism and violence, by embracing the positive choices Mr Staggie is making. Instead, they condemn it.


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