Friday, 7 February 2014

Secretary-General Kenny Kunene's open letter to the Public Protector

Dear Public Protector Thuli Madonsela

To start with, I want to commend you for the hard work you have done in the fight against state corruption. In many ways, you have shown what is possible when a Public Protector works hard and applies herself as you have done.
But over these last few days, while the circus of Mamphela Ramphele and the DA played out, I asked myself what you were making of it. Did you know something about it the rest of us didn’t?
Unhappy DA members are leaving that party. Many are joining the Patriotic Alliance or have already joined us. Those very same DA people told us months ago that Glynnis Breytenbach was being prepared to join the DA. They told us about the secret DA donor who was forcing DA leader Helen Zille to go into a coalition with Mamphela Ramphele. We struggled to believe it then. Now it’s all an accepted fact.
So when they told me the Public Protector is secretly part of the DA, and will become the head of the DA, I believed them. Crazy as it sounds, I realised it must be true.
Everything you have done, particularly in recent years, makes the point:
-       The speed with which you investigate cases reported by the DA is not the same as that reported by anyone else. It is as if you are on the DA’s speed dial.
-       You addressed a DA rally in 2012 and were unapologetic about it. You even tried to feign ignorance that you didn’t know it was a DA rally. Surely all those blue T-shirts would have been a giveaway. Don’t think we’re stupid. You’ve never spoken at another party’s rally. The Constitution requires that the Public Protector be independent, impartial and exercise her powers without fear or prejudice. Addressing the DA’s rally showed you are not impartial. You should have resigned if you are as ethical as you try to make out.
-       You investigated the DA government’s communications tender in the Western Cape and found them guilty in your provisional report. After input from Premier Helen Zille’s office, your final report absolved the Western Cape of corruption. How convenient for the DA. The Justice Factor on even called you the Loser of the Week when that happened.
-       Why have you not investigated the DA’s clear abuses of power in the Western Cape, such as the illegal evictions of the “Marikana” shack dwellers at Philippi? The DA is using state resources to protect privately owned land. That is illegal. But we don’t see any reports on that from you.
There are several other issues too; the facts show you are biased towards the DA. You are owned by white monopoly capital, which is protected by the DA. You are already secure in the knowledge that when your term ends, your next job will be at the DA.
We all agree there is corruption in the ANC-led government. It is right for you to investigate all of that corruption as per your constitutional mandate. But there have been times when you have been no better than the people you investigate. When your son crashed your state-owned BMW X6 into a wall, the media treated you with kid gloves, even after your daughter tweeted she was happy he did it because your new car was “so much sexier”.
The media is yet to complain about the hefty price tag of your state car, but we see angry headlines weekly about ministers and their cars. It is right to complain about government overspending, but why not when it applies to you?
Your son even arrogantly said: “Would you rather my mum travel in taxis while she’s waiting for her car?” The comments of both your children clearly show the principles (or lack of them) that they have been taught in your home and why they see state property as their playthings.
If the same thing had happened to any other person in government, they would have been ceremonially hung, drawn and quartered by the media; if you had investigated such a case, your recommendation would have been resignation.
The DA has many servants within the National Prosecuting Authority. We saw that with Breytenbach. They have also deployed many members within the upper echelons of the media; that much was clear when their party list came out. That’s why you are their PR project.
Just admit it, Ms Madonsela: You are a DA member. You will be heading up the party and be the DA’s presidential candidate for 2019. We know this is true, so stop hiding and just front up about it and tell us the truth. Resign and leave us in the hands of someone with integrity.
You have been used as a pawn and are a disgrace to the office of the Public Protector. You are no different from those who were used by the white apartheid regime to protect their own interests. I’m sorry if reading this letter has robbed you of time you would otherwise have dedicated to investigating those not liked by the DA or white monopoly capital.
When you incorrectly declared last year that you were not accountable to Parliament, you knew then what I know now: you are in fact only accountable to your secret masters. It’s now clearer why your deputy, Kevin Malunga, decided he wanted nothing more to do with you.
Many will question why I have written this. The answer is simple: My party and I are challenging the same DA-led government that you are protecting and defending in the Western Cape. I’m writing this because we will be in a direct election fight with the DA, and I can’t sit idly by and see their election plan come to fruition, with you an integral part of it.
For the first time, the DA has a credible challenger against them in the Western Cape. We beat them on the farms at the end of last month during the Vredendal by-elections. They’ve never been beaten by a small party like that before.
So yes, I’m happy to fight the DA. But I’d rather not have to fight you too. Please just give back the state’s “sexy car” and put on your blue T-shirt. I’m sure it fits you perfectly.

Kenny Kunene

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